Building block packaging machine plastic building block packaging machine non-standard customization

Building blocks are usually cubic wood or plastic solid toys which generally decorated with letters or pictures allowing different arrangements or architectural activities building blocks in a variety of styles can develop children's intelligence, can be put into a house, a variety of animals, etc.

Lego building blocks have many specifications, which is also a popular building block in the current house economy. The packaging of various Lego are mixed together which is completed by the counting packaging machine.

The Lego parts are with different sizes and shapes which are customized relatively general feeding plate to achieve a certain compatibility of packaging.

Therefore, the building block packaging machine is just a small general term, and the packaging of plastic building blocks is only one type.What kind of building blocks are specific to determine the customized details of the packaging machine.

Usage: widely used in electrical, electrical, lighting and hardware building materials manufacturing industrial auxiliary installation screws of automatic packaging.

Technical features: tailored vibration plate according to different packing item, precision technical control device ensure that each bag of packaging quantity are correct. PLC control system with the fault shutdown, self-alarm, self-diagnosis function.It’s simple use automatic display packaging quantity can convenient statistics the workload of the machine.

Machine Features :
1.Touch screen control system, multinational language display, easy to operation.
2.Vibrating hopper runs smoothly with low noise. Adopted precision counting control device to ensure the accuracy of counting and eliminate negative error.
Each feeder in the equipment can be opened or closed at will to facilitate production needs
3.Each set of material plate is equipped with full material shutdown, material shortage alarm or shutdown device, to ensure that each bag is correct.The equipment has self-diagnosis function, when the fault can automatically alarm or stop (alarm or shutdown user optional, equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons convenient operation .

4.The equipment can realize the automatic material arrangement, automatic counting, filling, sealing, packaging and conveying. The number of product packaging is adjusted at will, the number of packaging bags can be controlled by themselves, automatically display the number of packaging can easily calculate the workload of the machine.

5.The equipment has reliable safety protection function (all dangerous parts are installed with safety protection device)

6.Highly compatible to meet the packaging requirements of more than 90% of different shaped parts on the market.

7.Through the installation of the transport bucket, can support a variety of accessories automatic packaging, the chain in the process of moving forward more stable, fast, safety, low noise

8.According to the requirements of customers, we can add vibration plate, feeder, bag punching device, code typing machine, finished conveyor and other equipment

9.We can also develop and design various non-standard machinery according to the requirements of customers

Post time: May-12-2022