Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit ( Colloidal Gold ) Extraction tubes including buffer and dropper tips

Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit ( Colloidal Gold ) Extraction tubes including buffer and dropper tips

Automatic packing machine is operated with pneumatic compressor & electricity.

The machine touching surface material is made of 304 stainless steel. It’s hygienic packing.

There are two kinds of automatic packaging machine : automatic type & semi-automatic type in the market.

Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for food, medicine, chemical and other industries and plant seed material automatic packaging.Materials can be particles, tablets, liquid, powder, paste and other forms

It can realize automatic counting, sealing ,packing, printing which can be added or decreased according to customer needs.

Feature : Automatic packaging machine has advanced design, impact structure and reliable performance.Automatic packaging machine adopts dual synchronous belt pull film, controlled by the cylinder tension, automatic correction, automatic alarm protection function.

◆PLC program control, offer logical, intelligent & accurate control function.

◆Suitable for counting single product and mixed blend material.

◆Each vibration bowl has an independent control unit.

◆Vibrate Filler is an automatic filling device with oriented arrangement.

◆It could sequence, sort,detect and count materials by vibrating and send

◆The materials to next working procedure.

◆Customized on different shape and size.

◆Automatic alarm of empty /miss material.

◆Optional equipment can be added to the machine at customer’s demand as below :

   Color mark sensor

   Heating coding machine

   Instant labelling machine

   Pneumatic hole machine

The electrical part of automatic packaging generally consists of the following:

mechanical part:

A) Mechanical frame;

b) Drive cylinder;

Electrical part:

A) The main control circuit is composed of frequency converter and programmable controller (PLC);

b) The temperature control circuit is composed of intelligent temperature control meter  , solid state relay, thermocouple components, etc. The temperature control is accurate, intuitive display and convenient setting;

c) Multi-point tracking and detection are realized by photoelectric switches and electromagnetic proximity sensors;


Post time: Apr-06-2022