Hardware Packaging Machine Features

Hardware packaging machine is as representative in automation industry but also it’s the major component of packing machinery industry.

Therefore, the hardware packing machine shall integrate the technology and productivity into the production requirements of this era.Survive in the environment of commodity competition through multifunctional, intelligence, high efficiency and labor reduction.

High quality stainless steel precision customized vibration hopper with the precision counting control device to ensure the accuracy of each bag.

Each vibration bowl has an independent control unit. It could sequence, sort, detect and count materials by vibrating and send the items to next working procedure.Customized on different shape and size.Automatic alarm of empty/miss material.

PLC program control offer logical intelligent & accurate control function. Suitable for counting single product and mixed items.

More equipment can be added to the machine such as thermal transfer over printer, online printer at customer’s demand.

Hardware Packaging Machine Features

Post time: Nov-17-2021