Sino-Pack 2023

From March 2nd to 4th, China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Sino-Pack2023 was held in the exhibition hall of China Guangzhou Import and Export Fair. Sino-Pack2023 focuses on the field of fast-moving consumer goods, runs through the packaging industry chain, truly advanced one-stop trading platform, and continues to deepen the “intelligent packaging”, “food packaging”, “comprehensive packaging” and other specialty products, involving food, chemical and other industries. The scale of the exhibition has been upgraded again, leading brands have appeared and gathered together the industry’s finest products, to provide the majority of merchants with strong effectiveness, in line with the market demand of high-quality trade and exchange platform!
Purchasers participating in the exhibition include hardware, lighting, furniture and bathroom industries. In 10.1 exhibition Hall, intelligent comprehensive packaging equipment runs through multiple industries and fields, providing integrated solutions of various packaging technologies.

Vertical packaging machine series, such as multi-vibrating bowls Z type bucket chain conveyor, can meet the need when the customers want to pack multiple products together.
Machine Features:
Each vibrating bowl can be operated on/off independently
Z type bucket chain conveyor automatically transports the products into the bag former
1.1 meters height from the top of conveyor to the floor, which is convenient to feed the product or maintain
The quantity of the vibrating bowls and length of the conveyor can be customized
Different products can use track counting or fiber counting.
Of course, some customers want to pack a certain weight or relatively large weight of products at a time, which needs to look at the barrel type PE film packaging machine.
Machine Features:
Suitable for using PE, LDPE, HDPE film packaging
Back seal is no needed to save film
Equipped with weighing sensor, large weigher feeds the product generally while the small one feeds the product accurately
The 3 sets of servo motor drives the heat sealing film, stable and reliable, high precision

Generally speaking, vibrating bowl packaging machine uses fiber counting or track counting, but in order to improve the packaging number and weight accuracy, vibrating bowl weighing packaging machine can take into account this demand.
Machine Features:
First using fiber counting and then using weigher to improve the accuracy
When the number or weigh of the product is wrong, it will be wiped off automatically
A soundproof enclosure is added to reduce the noise
Various kinds of packaging machines attracting many people stop to look. Some customers said that the exhibition both in visual creativity and material have brought them different harvest and inspiration. Hope that all exhibitors can make good use of this exhibits display, technological innovation, trade negotiations in one one-stop procurement platform.

Post time: Mar-10-2023