Packaging Machine Combination Solution Vertical Packing Machine & Horizontal Packing Machine

Short Description:

Vibating bowl packing machine LS200  

Max. 4 sets of vibrating bowls available

Horizontal packing machine ZS350XS  

●Servo control,Bag length can be set and ,cut in one step,saving time and film.

●Interface features easy and quick setting and operation.

●Self failure diagnosis,clear failure display.

●High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing,numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.

●Temperature independent PID control,more suitable for package different materials.

●Positioned stop function,without sticking knife or wasting film.

●Simple driving system,reliable working,convenient maintenance

●All control is realized through software,easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.

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Technical Data

Model: ZS350XS
Film Width: Max.350mm
Bag Length : 90-350mm
Bag Width: 50-160mm
Product Height: Max.50mm
Packing Speed: 40-150 bags per minute
Film Roll Diameter  Max.320mm
Power: 220v 50/60Hz 2.6KW
Machine Dimension: (L)4020×(W)800×(H)1450mm
Machine Weight: 450 kg

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