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Application: This Take Away Conveyor is used for conveying the finished packing product from packing machine to the suitable high place.

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Takeaway conveyor for conveying the bag from packing machine

Any bag packaging application requiring moving completed packages from the packing area to a tote, master pack or sorting table.

This takeaway Conveyor improves the productivity of packaging operations by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location up to bench height, or to another location.

Designed to maximize available space, the  Conveyor is a continuous motion conveyor that can accommodate most bag packaging applications.

This flexible system has a low profile and is available in four different angles of incline that allows it to integrate easily with vertical bag packaging equipment.

Conveyor introduction

1. The conveyor belt is made of PVC material and with thickness of 2mm,  the belt with good appearance, not easily deformed, bear both high and low temperature(80 degree to -10 degree)

2. The machine allow for controlling feeds at one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices.

3. The conveyors is easy installation and disassembly, the belt can be wash by water directly.

4. The  conveyor with very strong loading material.

5. Frame material : 201 stainless steel or steel

6. The speed can be adjustable.


• Flexible and fully adjustable

• Saves time by enabling operators to have more time packing and less time moving finished product

• Improves work environment by conveying the product to bench height, which reduces the need to pick product from filled bins

• Low profile design maximizes existing work areas with limited space

Technical specifications

Model No. Belt Length Belt Width Distance from the floor to the top belt Match WithPacking Machine Model No. Conveyor Weight
C100 1 meter 210mm 450mm 300 28 KGS
C150 1.5 meter 260mm 650mm 500 39 KGS


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