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The bucket conveyors are widely used in various industries, such as food, condiments, pesticides, veterinary drugs, building materials, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal, coal, grain and other industries, suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying powder, granular and small materials, Such as food, seasoning food, pesticide, feed, coal mine, ash, slag, cement, grain, etc. The screw machine is not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, viscous, and agglomerate.

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When the bucket conveyor is working, the rotating spiral blade pushes the material and transports it. The force that prevents the material from rotating with the spiral elevator blade is the weight of the material and the frictional resistance of the spiral elevator casing to the material. Spiral blades are welded on the rotating shaft of the spiral hoist. The surface of the blades can be solid surface, belt surface, blade surface, etc. depending on the material to be conveyed. The screw shaft of the screw hoist has a thrust bearing at the end of the material movement direction. When the spiral pipe is long, an intermediate suspension bearing should be added.

The vertical elevator is used together with multihead weigher or bowl feeder to realize automatic feeding system.

Bucket Conveyor Machine Induction

1). The frame material is SUS 304 /201, with a good corrosion protection and easy cleaning.

2). Feed automatically. For this machine, the bucket is driven by the chains to lift.

3). Speed is controlled by frequency converter , easy to control and more reliable.

4). Adjustable Speed: The conveyor can be adjusted the speed according to the actual requirement.

Z type Bucket Elevator

Z type bucket elevator , 304/201 stainless steel  shell.

Lifting height: 1800-15000 mm (customized)

Belt Width: 220-800 mm

Bucket Material:  Stainless Steel or White PP (Food grade)

Power supply: 100 -220V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase, 0.75KW

Inclined Bucket Elevator

Inclined type bucket elevator, 304/201 stainless steel shell.

Lifting height: 1800-3000mm (customized)

Belt Width: 220-350mm

Bucket Material: 201/304 stainless steel

Power supply: 100-220V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase, 0.75KW

Inclined Bucket elevator with adding cover

Bucket elevator with cover and windows

Bucket elevator with cover, no windows

Inclined Bucket Elevator


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