Collar Type Packaging Machine FL620

Short Description:

Application: This multi-function collar forming type vertical packing machine can work with different measuring device for different products, such as granules(beans, sugar, rice, nuts, ground coffee ect), powder (such as flour, milk powder, starch, tea powder ect), liquid (such as oil, water, juice ect)

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• PLC controller with touch screen interface.

• Servo-driven film transport.

• Pneumatic-driven and sealing jaws.

• Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous.

• Quickly changing one-piece bag former.

• Eye mark sensor for film tracking.

• Stainless steel frame construction.

• Bag material: laminates film(OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, MST/PE, PET/PE)

• Bag Type: stand-up bag, linking bag, bag with hole punching, bag with round hole, bag with euro hole

Application and packing solutions for vertical form fill seal packing machine:

Solid Packing Solution: Combination multi-head weigher is specialized for solid filling such as candy, nuts, pasta, dried fruit and vegetable etc.

Granule Packing Solution: Volumetric Cup Filler is specialized for granule filling such as chemical, beans, salt, seasonings etc.

Combined parts.

Collar Type Packaging Machine FL620

1. Packing machine

2. Platform

3. Automatic combination weigher

4. Z type conveyor combined with vibration feeder

5. Take away conveyor

Technical Data

Model No. FL200 FL420 FL620
Pouch Size L80-240mm W50-180mm L80-300mm W80-200mm L80-300mm W80-200mm
Packing Speed 25-70 bags per minute 25-70 bags per minute 25-60 bags per minute
Voltage & Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz2.4KW AC100-240V 50/60Hz3KW AC100-240V 50/60Hz3KW
Air Supply 6-8kg/m2, 0.15m3/min 6-8kg/m2, 0.15m3/min 6-8kg/m2, 0.15m3/min
Weight 1350 kgs 1500 kgs 1700 kgs
Machine Size L880 x W810 x H1350mm L1650 x W1300 x H1770mm L1600 x W1500 x H1800mm
Collar Type Packaging Machine FL620-1

Why choose us?

1. 10 years manufacture experience, strong R&D department.

2. One year guarantee, lifelong free service, 24 hours online support.

3. Provide OEM, ODM and customized service.

4. Intelligent PLC control system, easy operate, more humanization.

What is Machine Warranty:

The machine will have one year of warranty.During the warranty period, if any non-easy broken part of machine is broken not by human-made. We will replace it freely for you. The warranty date will begin since the machine be sent out upon we receive the B/L.

I have never use this kind of packing machine, how to control?

1. Each machine we are accompanied by the relevant operating instructions.

2. Our engineers can operate through a video demonstration.

3. We can send engineers to the scene teaching. Or you are welcome for FAT before loading the machine.


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