Tubular Membrance Packaging Machine TM450

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Application: The system is applicable for quantitative product packaging of snack food, such as candies, sunflower / melon seeds, jelly, pistachios, peanuts, kernels, almonds, coffee bean, etc. as well pet food, puffed food, hardware, plastic compounds and other granular, flaky, irregular-shape products.

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Model No. TM450
Pouch Width 100-450mm
Pouch Length 100-500mm
Film Diameter Max. 300mm
Packaging Speed 5-10 pouch/minute
Film Material PE, LDPE, HDPE
Film Thickness 0.04mm-0.10mm
Voltage 380V, 50/60HZ
Rated Power 3.0KW
Machine Size (L)1300*(W)1100*(H)1100mm
Machine Gross Weight 600kgs

Automatic Industrial PE Film Packaging Equipment


• Pneumatic bag-making 3 servo motor control system.

• Barrel-Type Pouch,avoid to make middle seal.

• Suitable for using PE, OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, PET/PE Film Packaging.

• The servo motor drives the heat sealing film more stable and reliable, high precision.

• PLC control can be easily set on the touch screen control panel, adjust the packaging parameters.

• Visual display of production information and fault alarm, self stop, self diagnosis function,safe and easy to use,easy maintenance.

• High sensitivity automatic electric eye tracking positioning printing cursor, packaging materials packaging color, can obtain the complete logo.

Advantages of the servo motor

1. High accuracy: realize closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcome the problem of stepping motor;

2. High-speed performance.

3. Adaptability: strong overload resistance can withstand the load of three times the rated torque, especially applicable for instantaneous load fluctuations and quick start;

4. Stability: smooth operation at low speed and no step operation phenomenon similar to stepping motor at low speed. Applicable with high-speed packing requirements;

5. timeliness: the dynamic corresponding time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds;

6. comfort: low noise, low heating

Optional Supporting Device:

Linear Weigher, Eye mark Cursor, Heat Transfer Coding, Online Printer, Pneumatic Drilling Machine, Finished Product Conveyor

Optional Supporting Device


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