Vibratory Bowl Feed And Weigh System

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Vibratory Bowl Feed And Weigh System

This vibratory bowl feed and weigh system is engineered with state-of-the-art technology for high-accuracy weighing productivity.

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Applicable for weighting granular products with good flowability and small size such as Electronic Component: Transistor, Diode, Triode, LED, Capacitor;

Plastic: Caps, Spout, Valve; Hardware: Screw, Bearing, Spare Parts.


• PLC program system with human-machine interface offer logical, intelligent & accurate control function .

• Adopt imported weighing load cell , high automation, easy to operation.

• Suitable for weighing quantitative single products only.

• It is capable of weighing Max. Weight per bag : 500g ± 0.3g.

• Two Vibration Bowls for weighing, one big bowl for main weighing and the small bowl for small weighing supplement. It’s more accuracy.

• Part Orientation Funnels provide enhanced control of the part as it falls from the bowl through the detection weighing load cell.

• Once the pre-determined weight is reached, the product is funneled into a pre-opened bag, which is automatically sealed and dispensed, while another bag is indexed for loading.

• The operator friendly control screen features easy job set-up job recall and on board system diagnostics.

• The machine size is very compact can save the space.

The machine can used together with takeaway conveyor, bucket conveyor, online printer, checking weigher, thermal transfer over printer etc. according to the client’s requirement.

It is a flexible, high-speed, high-accuracy, automatic weighing, vibratory bowl feed system.

Model LS-300
Packing size L: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mm
Max film width 320mm
Packing material OPP, CPP, Laminated film
Air supply 0.4-0.6 MPa
Packing speed 1-10 bag/min
Power AC220V   2.5 KW
Machine size L 1300 x W 1000 x H 1750mm


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